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Bali’s one stop
beach entertainment
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a marine park in the middle of the sea
that serves as a conservation
and marine experience
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a Indonesia’s Marine Tourism Company
offers an exciting underwater experience
at Lembongan Island with
fun-filled activities for the whole family
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let's cruise the island
Private Cruise
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Bali’s one stop beach entertainment.

With various water sports and activities and enjoy our beach club’s. All to ensure the best beach holiday experience.
*Family is 2 Adult 2 Children

Low Cost Day Cruise

Water Sport Packages

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All to ensure the best beach holiday experience.

With various water sports and activities.

such as Stand Up paddle through the mangrove, Get on a traditional boat for a fishing trip, pump your adrenaline in our extreme water sports.

Enjoy our beach club’s special menus with traditional recipes.

Or get involve in our cooking class, from catching the fish until its ready to serve on a plate.

Ocean Park Bali

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OCEANPARK is a floating marine park in the middle of the sea that also serves as a conservation nursery for various marine lives. Ocean Park is also a home to some of the unfortunate sharks, who sometimes finds themselves getting caught by the local fishermen, once they are strong enough they will we released back to the ocean the place where they belong. Here in Ocean Park many other eco activities also being done, such as releasing seahorse and turtle Hatchlings, and many other endangered marine lives. The nursery is ocean friendly for all ages and experience levels, all to ensure the preservation of Bali’s wonderful underwater live.

Fun Activities

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