*Family is 2 Adult 2 Children

Donut Boat

Fancy sitting on a donut, being rocked and pulled by a speed boat at top exhilarating speeds? 2-4 people can sit on the boat and how fast you go...
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Banana Boat

Up to 5 people can ride on the banana boat together so you can enjoy with your friends and family! A banana boat is a long banana-shaped...
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Fly Fish

Hang on tight and experience flying in the air on this flying fish water sport ride! You will begin by lying down on the flying fish craft, then...
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Wakeboard & Waterski

One of the most challenging water sports available in Bali. You will be strapped to a board and pulled by a speedboat round the lagoon. Test your...
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a recreational activity where you will be towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed parachute, The boat then drives off,...
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